{Impressionistic:China} Book

Book Design  + Research  

A photographic journal journey through the lens of a young American in China. The impressions left on myself and my sketch book inspired all the artwork found here. Each person is different and unique and inspired completely different art styles throughout. Enjoy the journey through China with : {Impressionistic:China}.

The concept of this book is to explore a completely different culture and meet all kinds of different people by asking them a few basic questions. I asked them to write their answers down in my sketch book, this was both interactive and fun for both parties.

The Questions were as follows : What is your name? If you have one, what is your English name? How old are you? Where is home? Can I take a photo of you? What is your favorite color/colors? What is interesting info about you?

For print or ebook versions of the book please email me.

  • Personal
  • Book / Social Design
  • Cover, Layout, Designs, Photography, & Copy
  • 2018
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