Aesthetic Chills : Virtual Reality Experince

Interactive  + Installation

A project done to research the emotions people feel through the connections of art and music. Only a certain percentage of people have ever experienced something called, Aesthetic Chills, which are feelings and literally the chills you get when experiencing a piece of art or music or area that is aesthetically so pleasing. Can everyone get aesthetic chills? My goal was to create a unique and totally immersive and interactive experience for the viewer so I decided on researching the world of virtual reality motion graphics on a 2D image or plane.

This project was done for my senior thesis for my BFA in Graphic Design, each color has a process book explaining the collection process and illustration process. You can see the Pink booklets for project explanation + photos from the exhbition. Contact me if you want a copy of the books.

Check out for the 360 degree art, and if you have a pair of google VR goggles- throw those on and view it!

  • Aesthetic Chills
  • Music + Art
  • Interactive
  • 2018
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